Max VR List

Mario Kart 7 rules

All these rules are specific for Mario Kart 7, and they may be applied to Mario Kart 8 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the future if similar hacks are developed:

  • No disconnection hack is not allowed, especially if it is used to AFK help in race. Any max with intended help from AFK players in race will not count.
  • Any autopilot hack is not allowed. Any max with intended help from players using autopilot in race will not count.
  • Resetting VR while keeping the rest of the stats is not allowed.
  • The rules listed herein are subject to change. Staff reserve the right to add or remove players and/or maxes from the website with or without a change to the ruleset, with or without notice.

Rules regarding CTGP-7

CTGP-7 is a modpack for Mario Kart 7 which adds new things to the game, such as custom tracks and characters, extra features and more.

  • The use of CTGP-7 is allowed, but must adhere to the following guidelines (From the CTGP-7 Menu):
    • Gameplay Features > Backwards Camera (Disabled)
    • Gameplay Features > LED Item Warning (Disabled)
  • Playing Custom Tracks Worldwide (CTWW) and Countdown is not allowed for max 4 value and other related achievements.
    • This is subject to change in case wins and losses earned on CTWW and Countdown are separated from wins and losses earned on vanilla race and battle.
  • Using CTGP-7 may become forbidden at any time in case a bug that gives any advantage to the player is discovered, such as the shock dodge bug from older CTGP-7 versions.
  • CTWW VR and Countdown VR are separated from Mario Kart 7 VR. Lists may be made in the future if anyone reaches max VR in CTGP-7.
    • Because VR is stored in the CTGP-7 server and is tied to your console, it is impossible to back it up. All other rules still apply.