Max VR List

Proof requirements

Max VR List’s objective is gathering every max VR and BR achievement for various Mario Kart games. We collect information from sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Archiverse or our Discord server. However, you can submit your own achievement, as well as someone else’s. In order to do so, you must provide a proof.

  • These are all the possible proof formats, ordered by preference:
    • [All] Picture of race or battle results where you first got max.
    • [MK8] Picture of race or battle results where you first got max from MKTV.
    • [MK7] Picture in-room right after the race or battle where you first got max.
    • [MK8] Picture of race or battle preview where you first got max from MKTV (this does not prove if it is VR or BR, but it is still preferred over other formats since it shows where max is reached).
    • [MK7/MK8DX] Picture of any other race or battle online that shows your max.
    • [MK8] Picture of any race or battle results online or from MKTV that shows your max.
    • [MK7/MK8DX] Picture of your stats (this is the only valid format for MK7 max 4 value and other related achievements).
    • [MK8] Picture of any race or battle preview online or from MKTV that shows your max (this does not prove if it is VR or BR).
    • [MK8] Picture of your stats (this does not prove that it is yours since Mii does not appear).
  • Video proof helps, but what will appear on the list is always a picture.
  • A worse format may be preferred if the better format picture has low quality or does not show the entire screen.
  • In most cases we will recognize you and add you directly to the list. Otherwise, you may be asked to provide extra proof, such as all your stats or playtime.
  • Aditionally, you must provide a picture of your playtime to get in any playtime-based speedrun ranking. 
  • If your playtime includes anything else apart from the speedrun and you believe your time should be lower, you have to send all your stats for them to be analyzed.
  • You also must provide the dates (or the exact times if possible) when you played your first and your last race or battle to get in any real time-based speedrun ranking.

General rules

All these rules have to be followed for a max to be valid for its respective list:

  • Modifications to the game that are considered to give any advantage are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, speed hacks, item hacks, invincibility hacks and bot driving hacks. 
    • Someone with item hacks cannot help you beat other players intentionally.
    • Cosmetic changes (colors, textures, music, sound) are allowed, as they are not considered to give an advantage.
    • Since no unlockable requires playing online, it is allowed to use hacks to unlock them.
  • No one with a hacked max can help you intentionally.
  • VR extender is a hack that can set 6-digit VR. Any max with intended help from players using VR extender will not count.
  • Cases of players crashing rooms will be studied. Staff reserve the right not to count someone’s max if they have benefited from crashing rooms.
  • Backing up save data is allowed, either with tools provided by Nintendo (see how to backup save data on Nintendo 3DS (only for digital games), Wii U and Nintendo Switch) or by modding (such as Checkpoint for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch or SaveMii for Wii U).
    • In case of data loss or corruption, you can either recover your latest backup or edit your VR and BR (as well as stats for Mario Kart 7) based on what you remember you had. It is always recommended to contact staff in case of using the second method.
  • Duplicating save datas is not allowed.
    • This includes the method to use the same account more than once on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by having it on multiple Nintendo Switches and selecting it as player 2.
      • An exception can be made if the account has max CR in order to use its max VR and its max BR at the same time.
  • Accounts are individual. No one else but their original owner is supposed to use it. Any max in which two or more people have participated for its completion will not count.
    • In case other people have tried to play on someone’s behalf, they will need to send pictures (not screenshots) to staff constantly (at least one for every 1000 VR or BR gained), to prove they are the ones actually playing, in order to make future maxes count.
    • This means no one can use someone else’s account with a max to help its original owner gain on a different account.
  • You must specify your true nationality. Players with dual/multiple citizenship may choose their preferred country. However, staff reserve the right to change any player’s listed nationality if they see fit.
  • The rules listed herein are subject to change. Staff reserve the right to add or remove players and/or maxes from the website with or without a change to the ruleset, with or without notice.

Allowed strategies

These are known methods that make gaining VR or BR faster. If a new strategy is found, staff reserve the right to rule it as invalid.

  • Use of recent players list: This allows to evade matchmaking and find rooms with players who have way higher or lower VR or BR. Players can also join someone else or a secondary console to evade matchamaking.
  • Naw’s strat: Strategy consisting on using an account with max VR as player 2 on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races, by activating smart steering on it, and manually accelerating constantly, normally setting up the right joy con in a way its always accelerating with the stick.
    • It can be used as well to evade matchmaking in case of not being able to use any of the methods above, by using the lower/higher VR account as player 1, and main account as player 2. However, playtime has to be manually tracked in case of aiming for a spot on a speedrun ranking.
    • As smart steering do not exist on Mario Kart 8, something like this would be too difficult and risky for the small benefit it gives.
  • VR/BR trick: Method to place bots (normally with max VR or BR) in online multiplayer.
    • In Mario Kart 7, it is done by closing the game right after the track is selected. The time span to do it without losing VR is extremely short. 
    • In Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it is done by not picking a track, and leaving the room after the B button disappears on consoles that have already picked a track. In case of not being able to see when that happens, the countdown is the best indicator. Player 2 is normally used.
  • AFK battle: This concept had its origins in Mario Kart 7 since, unlike in other games, it is not needed to manually accelerate even once, so some players would stay AFK for hours in regular rooms. It consists on making a room exclusively with, mostly AFK players (normally with max VR or BR), and a few players taking very few points and gaining VR or BR. The AFK accounts are backed up frequently in case they are maxed. This is the best strategy to gain Mario Kart 7 VR, Mario Kart 8 BR and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe BR, as it barely takes any time (it can be done while doing almost anything else), and players can gain on multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Bee Mario’s strat: Strategy consisting on triggering race finish instantly as only one console remains on it. There needs to be someone spectating the room, otherwise a regular disconnection happens. A minimum of three consoles is required, since one is needed to stay in the room, at least one is needed to spectate, and at least one is needed to VR trick. The one that stays in the room has to be the first that gets in it, so it has the pole position, and therefore finishes in 1st. It is often represented with a bee emoji, in honor to the first two players who used it: ハチマリオ (Bee Mario) and パステル (TwinBee Pastel).
    • In Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the consoles used to spectate the room, actually VR trick and join back extremely fast, while on one of them, the game is closed right during the race preview. When this last console gets in the room, the process is repeated, unless a random person joins. This is the best strategy to gain Mario Kart 8 VR and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe VR, as it is extremely fast, especially if all the accounts VR tricking have max VR. Moreover, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, players can gain on two accounts at the same time by using player 2.
    • In Mario Kart 7, there has to be a console already spectating before the rest VR trick, since they cannot rejoin fast enough. This also makes it not possible to be chained, so it is barely viable.
    • Some adaptations can be done for battle mode in order to avoid getting tie, but overall AFK battle is a better strategy in this case, although not faster for speedruns.
  • Hernán’s strat: Strategy for Mario Kart 8 BR that can trigger battle finish instantly when using player 2 on main console. A minimum of two consoles is required, since one is needed to stay in the room and at least one is needed to BR trick. Once every console but main has BR tricked, player 1 has to sideline player 2 to end the battle, meaning it does not allow to gain on two accounts at the same time.

Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 after Nintendo Network shutdown

Max VR List staff has voted in favor of Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 lists being discontinued when Nintendo Network services shut down. This implies:

  • Maxes achieved on Pretendo may be added to separate lists.
  • It is not allowed to transfer data previous to shutdown from Nintendo Network to Pretendo Network. This includes:
    • Non-finished accounts to continue on Pretendo.
    • Maxed accounts to boost a new one.
  • Maxes achieved on Pretendo will not count towards All Max Ratings or total rating.
  • Current AMR will still be possible to achieve after shutdown by completing every max from MK7 and MK8 before shutdown and completing MK8DX afterwards.
  • Mario Kart 7 max 4 value and 5 value will still be possible to achieve but it is not allowed to grind on Pretendo or CTGP-7.

Pretendo’s plans regarding integrated VR leaderboards or allowance of VR grinding strats are currently unknown.