Max VR List

Mario Kart 8 VR speedrun ranking (in terms of playtime)

Time is expressed in hours and minutes (≤100h).
Bold player = Personal best
Bold + underlined + italic time = Bee Mario’s strat was used

1.14/10/2023VR9じらぴこ40h 46m
2.07/10/2023VR8じらぴこ41h 9m
3.20/10/2023VR10じらぴこ41h 11m
4.30/11/2023VR13じらぴこ58h 4m
5.19/12/2023VR14じらぴこ59h 14m
6.05/11/2023VR11じらぴこ60h 57m
7.17/11/2023VR12じらぴこ61h 12m
8.30/09/2023VR7じらぴこ64h 30m
9.30/09/2023VR6Hernán77h 26m
10.30/09/2023VR5Hernán82h 34m